Axel Hütte - Sunset 1 and Sunset 2
Axel Hütte

Sunset 1 and Sunset 2

From the portfolio Double Exposure
Two Cibachromes, mounted on Plexiglas,
50 x 60 cm (19¾ x 23½ in) each. Edition of
45, signed on both images.

Axel Hütte (born 1951, lives and works in Düsseldorf) has developed a singular approach to his photographic compositions: his landscapes, flora, waterfalls, and bridges each focus on a single motif - sky, water, or plant take up the entire image. They convey a sense of the infinite: the subject isn´t framed, its position as sole element suggests its continuation out of the frame, on and on. Geometric composition is a central theme in his work, and he finds and represents the lines, circles, and repetitive shapes that exist in nature.

Set EUR 2.000

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