Elaine Sturtevant - Duchamp Triptych
Elaine Sturtevant

Duchamp Triptych

From the portfolio Sequences
a, b: Two grano lithographs and c: Silkscreen, all on Rives rag paper. Each print 50 x 40 cm (19¾ x 15¾"), each signed and numbered.
Edition of 60.

Since the mid-sixties Sturtevant has been investigating the conceptual strategy of recreating existing, well-known works of contemporary art, and thus can be considered a precursor of the appropriation art of the eighties. Short-circuiting the dualism implied by the question of original and imitation, each of her works sets up a confrontation with the content of art, freed of the obstructing patina of the original and freed from the predominance of the signature of the author. Causing art-as-phenomenon to appear in its very being - that seems to be the infinite significance of Sturtevant´s repetitions.

EUR 1.800

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