Glenn Brown - Sympathy for the Poor
Glenn Brown

Sympathy for the Poor

Transparency printed on plexiglass, super-imposed on an Iris print on rag paper, 67 x 56 cm (26½ x 22"). Edition of 60, signed and numbered.

British painter Glenn Brown (born 1966, lives and works in London) takes as his models paintings by artists as diverse as Rembrandt, Fragonard, Frank Auerbach, and Willem de Kooning among others, re-interpreting and abstracting the works into shadows of their former selves. His "interventions" have been viewed as a subversion of traditional notions of artistic integrity. Brown aims to dispel the Modernist myth of originality and the presumed genius of the individual artist. "The print combines two digitally altered images of Christ. A lack of originality burdens both. One is `after´ a 16th century Italian master, the other is `after´ a Modern British master. There is thus the genius of four different artists brought together. The print was made with Venice very much in mind. It´s art, religion and politics, the title being somewhat sarcastic."

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