John Armleder - Untitled
John Armleder


From THONET 200 Project
Painting on canvas, 200 × 90 cm (79 x 35½ in.);
5 painted in acrylic in white on gold and 5 painted
in gold on white, all signed and numbered.

John M. Armleder plays skilfully with high and low, with high art and assumed lower trivial culture. With his installations and designed spaces, he questions current art hierarchies. There is no good or bad taste for
Armleder. His Furniture Sculptures, with which he became famous, deal with the trivialization of the work of art; with how paintings, sculptures and other art media are increasingly becoming decorative elements in
collection spaces and living rooms today.The works are loaded with allusions to art history, from Minimalism to Pop Art and many other styles and artists. It is a par force ride through the art history of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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