Katharina Grosse - Untitled
Katharina Grosse


From Door Cycle
Acrylic on wood door, hand painted by the artist.
Size: 198.5 x 86 x 4 cm (78 x 34 x 1½").
Edition: 15, each painting unique, signed and
numbered on verso.


Katharina Grosse (born 1961 in Freiburg, lives and works in Düsseldorf and Berlin) covers things with color. Since the late 1990s, she has been applying acrylic paint to various grounds with a spray gun, which creates either very atmospheric, loose coverings or thick applications. Over time, Grosse has increasingly used the spray paint as a direct way to cover walls or architecture with colors: spare museum rooms or minimal industrial spaces. In these works, she always reveals the ability to incite both seduction and disgust, playing off sweet colors with harsh execution. For her, painting is the paradoxical mixing of ornament with puke.

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