Marlene Dumas - United Europe
Marlene Dumas

United Europe

Digital pigment print on rag paper,
37 x 28 cm (14½ x 11"). Edition of 75,
signed and numbered.

The representation of people is central to Marlene Dumas´ (born 1953 in Cape Town, South Africa; lives and works in Amsterdam) paintings and drawings. She works from photographic material culled from magazines or taken herself. »I use all the cheap tricks of attracting attention: eyes looking at you, sexual parts exposed or deliberately covered. The primitive pull of recognition. My art is situated between the pornographic tendency to reveal everything and the erotic inclination to hide what it´s all about.« Desire to position her work in such a way not only reiterates her interest in the ambiguous divide between the private and the public self, it slyly betrays her own conflicted relationship to gender, voyeurism, and the act of painting.

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