Sherrie Levine - Pharmacie
Sherrie Levine


From Wall Works
Two industrial lamps (cast aluminum with red
and green glass) on a mauve-painted wall.
Lamps 22 x 11 x 13 cm (9 x 4½ x 5 in),
installation size according to the wall.
Limited to 12 installations, with a signed
and numbered certificate.

The wall work shown here is inspired by Pharmacie, an early assisted readymade by Marcel Duchamp. Riding an evening train from Paris to Rouen, he saw in the distance a pair of lit windows. Soon afterward he bought three copies of a banal landscape at an art supply store and painted a red and green dot on each, suggesting the jars of colored liquids in the windows of French pharmacies. Levine used this minimal artistic gesture as a point of departure for the austere and poetic wall installation of the same title.

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Sherrie Levine - Pharmacie
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