Tania Bruguera - Terror Chic b.
Tania Bruguera

Terror Chic b.

b. Different objects (choice of T-shirt, shoulder bag,
bathroom mirror, or fabric on stretcher) printed
with slogan. Edition of 50 objects altogether,
signed and numbered.

Silence and self-censorship as a means to impose and resist power are the central issues taken up by Tania Bruguera (born 1968 in Havana, Cuba; lives and works in Havana and Chicago). She grew up in a country that was always subjugated to diverse powers, and her Cuban heritage is fundamental to her work. In her performances and installations, Bruguera uses silence as an act of submission, simultaneously transforming it into a mode of resistance. The edition made for the Biennale is a conceptual tool to advertise her thought-provoking slogan "Never forget your first revolution".

starting at EUR 800 each

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