Wilhelm Sasnal - Untitled
Wilhelm Sasnal


From Door Cycle
Screenprint (glossy black) on white painted wood
door panel. Size: 200 x 90 x 4 cm (78¾ x 35½ x 1½").
Edition: 15, signed and numbered on separate label.

The emphatically barren painting style of Wilhelm Sasnal (born 1972 in Tarnów, Poland, lives and works in Warsaw), often black and white and reduced to contrasts, is based on definite but widely divergent contexts. Whether these contexts be record labels, classic photographs, magazines, school or children´s books, sports, porn, comics or advertising of architecture - Sasnal´s characteristically desolate paintings contain a comprehensive recapitulation of reality, which concerns everything contemporary. Sasnal is very much at home in his own time and comfortable with its technologies, modes of communication, lifestyles, and imageries. His paintings express an exalted awareness of participating in a new, developing, and active world full of possibilities, as well as one of contradictions and antagonisms. Often, the sources cannot be directly made out, and the artist purposely makes them visually vague and undefined. He works with various fragmentation strategies, with an extreme view for details, and with elimination and reduction. He transforms a given image (assimilating it in a painterly way) until he has achieved a density that is as succinct as it is relevant. These paintings seem simple, but in fact they are condensations: substrata of a complex and multifaceted appropriation strategy for which Sasnal invents new interpretation patterns again and again.

EUR 8.000

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